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Previous Entry Poem-Nothing Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 08:23 pm Next Entry
I decided to post my poem here instead of on my main page.


I really don't have much now
lost are the things that held me together
cut was the stitching to my dreams
becasue i really can't dream now
it's not the time...nor the place
i can't dream because i don't know what i have
I just remember what i lost
And the only thing surging through my mind
is how to find it again
but i don't know the thoughts
or even my worth
of the one who could possibly return it
but i don't think calm dreams
will return to my stormy heart
it's not the time...nor the place
i wish it were though
all i know is that your embrace warms me
and your kiss makes me forget
but it hasn't ceased my dreamless nights
i only hope that it will
because all i have is hope
that's all i know
nothing may come of it
or something greater then myself
could rise from the ashes of my heart
and return to me what was so tragicaly lost
because now i have nothing
no dream to comfort me at night
only a deep fear
but my fear could turn out to be nothing
it might be the time...and the place
at least..i hope it does

this poem took alot. i had writers block and it just came to me one day. and my feelings in it are uncontrolable like nausea, but im honest to myself in it. all i can do is wish and hope when i have nothing else to go by.
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